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The truth about Clone A Willy; A comprehensive review

I have always been a fan of sex toys, especially those that let you experiment in different forms. When I first read about Clone A Willy here, I was honestly a bit skeptical. I had cloned my partner’s dick in a sex store in Amsterdam once, and the whole process was so tedious that I couldn’t consider how a DIY kit would give any superior result.

A few months after my first encounter with this kit online, one of my friends suggested I try this out. She had used this penis molding kit and had gotten terrific results. Anyway, after some research, I decided to give it a shot anyway. Since it wasn’t that expensive, I ordered two kits of Clone A Willy— a normal one with a vibrator and a pink glow-in-the-dark one.

In this article, I will walk you through what went in my head as I went through the whole procedure of getting myself a homemade dildo. You can consider this commentary as a comprehensive review of the Clone A Willy penis molding kit.

First Impression of the Clone A Willy kit

The kit arrived in a cylindrical package. The product was delivered discreetly with no mention of the contents inside; however, once you remove the outer layering, the cartoon picture of a dick on the kit’s cylinder leaves very little to your imagination.

The naming of the kit is rather uncanny, so you don’t really expect much; however, the kit certainly feels like a premium one just by the looks of it. My partner wanted me to wait until he was home, but my agitated and excited bum just couldn’t hold on, and I ended up opening it.

Inside the Clone A Willy kit

Once you pop open the cylinder, you will get the following:

  • A container of molding powder
  • A small vibrator
  • A thermometer
  • A wood stick for stirring
  • Two jars of silicone gel

Other than these, I had to assemble a few tools, like a measuring cup, scissors, timer, etc.

Assembling the tools was a relatively easy task as most of the important stuff comes with the kit. You just need to get a few tidbits that are commonly available in any household.

The Procedure

Truth be told, if my partner weren’t there to help me, I would have given up in a minute. I have very little patience, and this DIY penis casting kit DEMANDS patience. There are several steps where you need to measure the time and temperature carefully. These lil details were almost getting on my nerves but having a partner definitely made the whole procedure a lot of fun.

There is also one step where the guy has to dip his erect penis into the gooey casting mixture and remain hard for about 2 minutes. This, to me, was the funniest step. I had to use all my tactics to ensure my man was hard, and he enjoyed every single bit of it.

I must tell you that we had messed up the temperature in one of the steps and our first attempt was a disaster. Thankfully I had ordered two kits and our second attempt turned out to be absolute GOLD.

After following every step down to its last detail, we got a perfect clone of my partner’s willy.

The Pros and Cons of Clone A Willy kit

Let me start with the pros:

  • You get to have an exact clone of your lover’s dick.
  • The dildo is long-lasting and firm.
  • You make the dildo yourself, so you know what you’re putting inside.
  • Unique customizations are available.
  • Body safe premium grade silicon so there are no risks of material-driven infections.

The cons of Clone A Willy kit would be:

  • Requires patience and attention to detail.
  • The vibrator isn’t as powerful.

The Final Verdict

So would I recommend Clone A Willy penis casting kit to anyone? I absolutely would.

I have tried several different dildos, and having a dildo in precisely the form of your partner’s penis is highly arousing. Not only is this a great way to “feel” your partner when he is not around, but this can also help boost his self-esteem.

The fact that you think his dick is worthy enough to be cloned is a very romantic thing. Furthermore, this could also be a cute couple activity you do with each other.

It is true that the procedure is a bit taxing and could tire you. But in the end, you get a perfect gift to please your body and mind. I made 3 more dildos using Clone A Willy, and the results came out perfectly each time. You will be surprised how beautifully the veins and skin texture show up.

Therefore, I definitely recommend buying Clone A Willy from a sex toy shop if you’re looking to clone a penis and make your own dildo.



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