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About us

The teacher at Leevi Lehto School of Dance are all professional dancers and well trained in performance arts and dance disciplines.


The Leevi Lehto School of Dance has over 20 years accumulated performing and teaching experience, as well as a vast technical background acquired in our years of ongoing training. Our trainer comes from a long line of dancers. Most of our teachers are also a member of Dance Educators of America and the Professional Dance Teachers Association.

All of them have extensive coaching and competitive dancing experiences and knowledge and offers an extensive curriculum of dance classes specifically designed to fully train the student. Our teacher constantly strive to create an enjoyable and stimulating curriculum while encouraging the love of self, family and others.

Our vision

Our Philosophy is to create an atmosphere for the student that is both enjoyable and disciplined; to instill an appreciation of the performing arts through education and experience; to familiarize the student with classical and contemporary music and dance repertoire; and to produce a well-organized creative person, as well as an accomplished dancer.

Dance, especially when introduced during the growing years, contributes significantly to physical & motor development, grace, poise and self-reliance. Performance on stage and association with other young people contribute strongly to personality development and growth of self-confidence.

What We Teach

We have the following options to choose from: Ballet , Jazz, Tap, Modern Acrobatics, Hip-hop, Drama, Aerobics, Ballroom and Salsa


Intended for the intermediate or advanced dancer, Lyrical focuses on the emotional aspects of dance while combining the technical elements of ballet with the freedom, fluidity, expressiveness and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern.


Hip-Hop is a modern spin on the old jazz classics. Hip-Hop is most recognizable from popular television shows and on music videos. Kelly School of Dance offers a fusion of East Coast and West Coast hip-hop with pop-and-lock as well as street and old-school styles.

Stretch & Turn

Stretch & Turn class is a one hour period each week offered to the student who wants to learn or improve flexibility, strength and turning ability. This is predominantly for the serious dancer. Students must be enrolled in another class to participate.

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Our Instructor

Adolphus Haag
Adolphus Haag started to dance when she was 6 years old. As a small girl, she always had an interest in movement, music but most of all it was a great fun. Such fun became serious when the results got better and which culminated in becoming Lithuanian Champion in all three categories: Ballroom, Latin and 10 Dances. Such titles gave the possibility to participate in World and European Championships where she became finalists of World Championships in these events.
Hip Hop
10+ Years Exp
Ronaldo Kerluke
Ronaldo Kerluke is a French Bellydance teacher, performer and choreographer from France. She has been dancing for over 10 years and she is specialized in the Egyptian Bellydance style.She studied privately with Master teacher in Egypt and in Ukraine to deepen the classical steps. Winner of various competitions, she often teaches workshops abroad (Italy, France, Switzerland, Egypt) and is part of the teaching team of one of the most prestigious Bellydance festivals.
8+ Years Exp

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