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WELCOME TO Leevi Lehto School of Dance!

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Celebrating 10 Years of Togetherness

The Leevi Lehto School of Dance offers an extensive curriculum of dance classes specifically designed to fully train the student from the Pre-Dance level to Advanced levels. Individual attention is given to each student in all classes to provide correct technical development and to encourage personal progress.

Our Philosophy is to create an atmosphere for the student that is both enjoyable and disciplined; to instill an appreciation of the performing arts through education and experience; to familiarize the student with classical and contemporary music and dance repertoire; and to produce a well-organized creative person, as well as an accomplished dancer.

The Leevi Lehto School of Dance is proud to offer many forms of dance training including

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern Acrobatics, Hip-hop, Drama, Aerobics, Ballroom and Salsa


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Classical Ballet

Ballet is a classical art form that is recognized for its graceful, flowing, and ethereal qualities. Students develop poise, flexibility, strength, discipline and self-confidence in a range of classes from beginner through advanced levels.


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hip hop dance

Hip hop is a style of dancing that has its roots in the streets and is much less structured than most other dance forms. The technique involves getting low to the ground and having fun! The music used also has its roots in the streets, taking advantage of Hip Hop, R&B and Pop, and as such the dance form enjoys a wide popularity with young dance students today.


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A modern musical style that is constantly developing according to current music and dance style popularity. These dance classes offer a greater sense of freedom for the student while still allowing them to work on the technical aspects from their ballet classes.


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Lyrical Dance

An in depth emotional interpretation of music and lyrics, choreographed to a slower tempo of music. The dancers explore the fusion of ballet, contemporary and jazz dance techniques.


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The Leevi Lehto Style incorporates Irish and African methods in this all-American dance. As students progress, they study many different varieties of tap dancing. Students will study Broadway-style tap dancing, rhythm tap, hoofing, tap improvisation and many other tap techniques.

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Our teacher constantly strive to create an enjoyable and stimulating curriculum while encouraging the love of self, family and others.

Pole Dance
Contemporary Dance
Classical Ballet
Hip Hop Dance

Performances & Recitals

Performance and Competition

The Leevi Lehto School of Dance offers a spring recital performance for all students to demonstrate their achievements made throughout the school year.


The recital requires a fee, which covers separate rehearsal times and recital invitations. Each student’s talents and physical strength in technique is considered when grouping students into different dance levels for the performance.

Leevi Lehto Kid

Leevi Lehto Kids is the competition and performance team of the Leevi Lehto School of Dance. The age range is from 6 to 18 years of age. There are different levels of dancers in this exciting group: the student’s ability determines where he or she shall be placed within the four levels consisting of JR I, II, III & Seniors. Admission into this group is by selection of the studio director. Competition fees, travel expenses and any additional costume fees are part of the commitment of the group. Participants in the competition group must be enrolled in ballet, tap and jazz classes.

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6AM - 9AM


Maryam Dickens


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Jazz Dance Class

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Angie McGlynn


3 Months

Updates from Our Studio

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Assembling the tools was a relatively easy task as most of the important stuff comes with the kit. You just need to get a few tidbits that are commonly available in any household.

The Procedure

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